MicroElectronics Testing and Technology Obsolescence Program

Microelectronics Testing and Technology Obsolescence ProgramThe MicroElectronics Testing and Technology Obsolescence Program (METTOP) at New Mexico Tech was created to address the challenges faced by customers whose systems are impacted by "diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages" (aka "DMSMS").

METTOP’s technical abilities and testing facilities provide cost effective testing of advanced microcircuits for a variety of customers with diverse technical interests. Our specialty is evaluating the effects of nuclear and space radiation on memory devices.

METTOP provides test planning, facility scheduling, test conduct, analysis, and report generation services as a full-service test house. In association with other test facilities in the Rio Grande corridor (White Sands Missile Range, Sandia National Laboratories, Air Force Research Laboratory), METTOP provides a full complement of radiation testing services.

At the METTOP facility, test and research engineers operate state-of-the-art electronic test equipment including two mainframe mixed-signal testers that can characterize parts with up to 768 pins. In conjunction with the New Mexico Tech Electrical Engineering and Materials and Metallurgical Engineering departments, METTOP can provide a wide range of services including environmental testing, scanning electron microscopy, and materials analysis of semiconductor devices.